stranded copper wire

stranded copper wire

The high conductivity of copper has made it one of the most preferred metals in the electricity production and transmission solutions. The copper wires have been used in a variety of shapes and forms throughout the industries. However, in some specific needs, the wires of Tin and Silver are more preferred than copper, due to their unique properties. Though there are number of manufacturers of these types of wirings but only a few like Autotek Cables Private Limited have been able to win the trust of customers thanks to their supreme quality and reliability.
Our one of the product is Stranded Copper Wire which is available in a number of shapes. However, the round one is one of the most popular due to its high utility. This type of wires is known for their high tolerance to vibration and expansion of heavy production machines. Moreover, their flexibility plays a vital role in their wide spread use in the form of connectors. We manufacture the stranded flexible copper wires in a variety of specification and designs as desired by the clients. Moreover, a special consideration has been given to provide these wires with additional strength and flexibility in combination with easy handling, while Manufacturing the rope type wires. The copper stranded wire is used in manufacturing Cables, as flexible jointing wire in electric transmission and distribution appliance(such as volt transformer, electric stove),electronic equipment and thyristor etc, it also could be used as grounding wire in electric working.

Copper wires have always been one of the most significant sources of power transmission in the electrical and electronics industry because of its High electrical conductivity and ductility and Low Resistance and operating Cost . Both of these industries are highly dependent on Copper wires made of finest and purest quality of Copper. Even a slight defect in the quality is enough to put life in danger. Keeping all these parameters in the mind, we at Autotek Cables is committed to provide the best quality material to our esteemed clients and customers. Over the years, the industry of Bunched Copper Wire has evolved significantly with a drastic change in Manufacturing technology and methods. This has resulted in a considerable improvement in the quality.

We offer a range of Bunched Copper Wires which have been specially engineered and manufactured as per the needs and requirements of the customers of that particular range. The pure electrolytic-grade copper is used in the Manufacturing of range of our products which meet all industry standards. In a bid to offer a complete range of wire solutions and a single window for all needs of our customers, we have expanded the range of products substantially. 

We bunch wire from .15 Sq mm to 16 Sq mm and our stranding of wire starts from 0.75 Sq mm to 30 Sq mm. Bunching of copper wires and stranding of wires is done as per the requirement of the customers. Mainly the wire size used in bunched copper wire is .300 mm and .200 mm but it varies from customers to customers. Stranding of wires starts from .75 Sq mm and moves further as per the requirement of the customer. Standard spooling of Bunched or Stranded copper wire is done on 630 mm Iron Bobbin or it can be done as per customers requirement. The bobbin is wrapped in plastic wrapper and properly labelled before dispatch.

Nominal Cross Sectional Area of Conductor
(Sq mm)
No. Of Copper Conductors
1.0 14/.300
1.5 22/.300
2.5 36/.300
4.0 56/.300
6.0 85/.300
10.0 140/.300
16.0 226/.300
0.50   16/.200

Advantages of Bunched Copper Wire are:

  • Reduce skin effect
  • Reduce corona effect
  • Better Flexibility
  • Excellent Current Carrying Capacity

Applications of Bunched Copper Wire

  • Automobiles Appliances
  • Headphone Cable & Speakers
  • Distribution circuits
  • Groundings
  • Industrial machines
  • High-temperature operations