health policy

Our health policy

Autotek Cables embraces a basic policy for employee health and safety founded on the following three commitments:

(1) Safety is the number one priority. We will do everything in our power to protect lives.

(2) We devote every effort to safety in creating outstanding products that contribute to the development of society.

(3) Our physical and mental wellbeing is fundamental to everything we do at Autotek Cables, and we must continue to elevate and embrace a culture of health and safety across our workplaces.

This policy extends to subcontracted companies engaged in business with our employees. Based on these principles, we operate an occupational health and safety management system throughout the Company to create safe, pleasant workplaces.

We already are following all the guidelines against Coronavirus for the protection of each and every employee in the company.

We are dedicated to meet the terms with legal and regulatory needs and are committed to providing responsiveness and training to employees on Health & Safety. Health and security reviews and mock drills are conducted on-site to ensure consistency with health and safety administration requirements and for emergency attentiveness. We are dedicated to communicate this policy to all employees & interested parties and survey occasionally.