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CAble Cost Calculator

Basic Prices of Copper Rod and PVC are very volatile and changes every minute. We request you to please confirm the Copper Rod rate from us before calculating the Cable Prices. Prices of Copper Rod mentioned in the calculator are for reference only. The prices calculated below are Basic Cable Prices and Freight and GST is Extra and is applicable over and above these prices. Other Terms and Conditions are also applicable on these prices. For Further information, please contact us. Please add standard tolerance for Copper conductor and Cable Outer Diameter as per requirement.

For using the Calculator, please enter the following :

  • Current Spot Copper 8 mm Rod Rate per Kg.
  • Current PVC Price as per specification of Cable ( AV, AVS, AVSS, FLRYB etc) per Kg.
  • Number of Wire in Cable. 
  • Single Conductor Diameter in mm.
  • Cable outer Diameter in mm.