environmental policy

Our Environmental policy

We at Autotek Cables, are committed to manufacture quality products conforming to agreed standards to meet customer requirements and continually improve our Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Performance.

We are further committed to :-

  • Develop and deploy necessary systems to make continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes.
  • Improve product Quality & reduce waste to enhance customer satisfaction and business profitability.
  • Optimize the use of natural resources, prevention of pollution, prevention of any kind of injury and ill-health in all our activities.
  • Comply with applicable Health, Safety & Environmental laws and other requirements.
  • Develop, Monitor & Review QHS&E objectives & aim to improve the effectiveness of the Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.
  • Provide appropriate training to Employees & Contractors to enhance their awareness towards occupational health & safety improvement and commitment towards environmental protection.
  • Create a work environment for employees which promotes team work and problem solving in order to improve QHS&E performance.
  • Implement methods for the inhibition of pollution by noticing and managing air, noise, water release, and waste generations.
  • Consecutive improvement of environment management system to raise overall environmental performance.
  • Control emission of greenhouse gases through efficient use of energy, utilization of optimum technology, streamlining of production process as well as enhancement of transportation efficiency.
  • Work toward reducing waste through activities such as restraining waste generation, utilization of resources, expanding recycle.
  • Work toward decreasing environment burden through improvement in process and facilities, designing and development of eco-friendly products.